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ISPC’s Credit Department Staff have over 43+ years of combined experience in helping people finance the goods and services they need and want to make their lives more comfortable.  At ISPC the customer is more than just a number on a credit report.  Our staff reviews each application personally.  Credit decisions are reached by considering all the applicant’s positive factors, rather than just focusing on negative experiences, that may have befallen good people. Because we consider the person and their circumstances, as well as the credit report, we often are able to approve good folks who have been turned down for credit elsewhere.  And with a variety of finance plans available, ISPC’s network of Merchants can find a payment option that’s right for any budget.  Thanks for giving ISPC the opportunity to give you the opportunity to purchase the products you want.


Protect your good credit.  Life altering experiences can affect how credit is reported.  For example, the fallout from separation or divorce can leave a negative imprint on your credit report.  Take time to research your credit report and know the facts about your credit history.  Visit Equifax, Experian or TransUnion online and get the information you need directly from the credit reporting agencies.  Most importantly, learn ways to maintain a healthy credit report.  If you are having difficulty juggling finances, there are Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies available to help put you on the right track to great credit.

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